The Forge Foundation’s mission is to temporarily assist our neighbors who have experienced difficulties in life. The charity serves New Kent County residents.

Ron Stiers, Founder & CEO, The Forge Foundation

Ron Stiers,  president of The Forge Foundation, Inc., has always enjoyed helping others in his community. A resident of Providence Forge, Virginia, Stiers is also the 4th district supervisor for New Kent County. In 2010 he founded The Forge Foundation, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit charity organization.

The Foundation works directly with those in need in the area, bringing food to shut-ins, helping neighborhoods clean up after tornado disasters, providing clothing and shelter assistance, aid with utility bills, and more.

Tammy Stiers

Tammy Stiers, Treasurer

We encourage local businesses and others to partner with The Forge Foundation efforts. Donations are completely tax deductible, and 100% of all donations go directly back into our own community. We have no paid administrators – all work performed by the Foundation is volunteered.

Sponsors, donors and volunteers are welcomed and always needed. For more information contact Ron at (804) 432-9696.

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